Straps and touch n go deadlifts? Do it

A case for straps and touch n go deadlifts
I’m very observant of things I see, I try to analyze and figure out why when i see something I don’t understand. One thing that’s always been preached by powerlifters is to avoid straps on deadlift. The common thought is that you’re only as good as your grip, which is true. But does that mean straps and tng reps can’t be used for good, too? Here’s my theory
From observation we see many big pullers using straps and touch n go reps like Chris Hickson, George Leeman, Luigi Fagiani and of course Pete Rubish. They probably all pull ALOT more than you and they use straps often, must just be genetics, right? Shut up
Here some of the advantages
1) muscular overload- we have always been taught to overload with more weight and while loading up and moving with 105% of your max, so is loading up 85% and getting 3 reps more than you can without straps and dead stops. Normally a person can get 5 reps with an 85% load… Imagine the muscular stimulus from 85%x8
2) Prevention of injuries- lets face it, most of us have the mobility of a steel pipe. When we use a staggered or over under style grip, most are going to start pulling crooked once exhaustion sets in. This is going to create imbalances that could potentially create problems down the road.
3) Tension- The least understood concept in heavy lifting with new trainers is intramuscular tension. Touch n go deadlifts require a slower eccentric phase and slower eccentrics call for more tension to allow you to hold form and prevent injuries. I find this to be a good stepping stone and eye opener for people that haven’t developed the ability or learned how to create tension at the start of the movement.
While I’ve argued the good, there is also bad, you do need to do most of your heavy single, triples and maybe even fives without straps to build and secure your grip. You’ll also need to pull your heavy work without as the biomechanics are slightly changed if you’re normally a mixed grip puller.
Anyways, try some of this stuff and see how it works for you.

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