Brandon Lilly

Brandon Lilly

  • HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0″ 320 lbs
  • YEARS TRAINING: 12 , Powerlifting 6+/-
  • HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN WEIGHTLIFTING AND SPECIFICALLY POWERLIFTING: I started training for sports in high school, specifically one Coach, Travis Lynch, taught me the importance of strength, and it really helped build confidence in myself. Then I began training with my best friend Brad Webb. We would run out and buy Flex magazines, and bring our protein and stuff to school, we trained more with heart than with brains but being so young and new to it we both grew like crazy. After high school I trained at a Gym called TOTAL FITNESS and it was not like it sounds. It was meathead central. All the guys in there were strong and jacked as hell. This is when I met Robby Burns (the owner of the gym) and he introduced me to powerlifting and the Westside Method.
  • YOU HAVE A VERY PUBLIC PERSONA, VIA FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND SO ON. LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE IT AND LOTS OF PEOPLE HATE IT. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS?If what I do causes one kid to have confidence in himself, and become a better lifter, athlete, person, whatever then it is worth it. People that dislike it thats fine. I don’t care what people think of me really. I have played the game of trying to make everyone happy and I ended up miserable. Haters are everywhere, and that is what they are born to do. Some people are born to be great, others are born to hate. I really feel sorry for those people, life is so short and to waste it all on jealousy is a very miserable way to exist.

Brandon Lilly
The great thing on Brandos is, he’s not genetic freak, he has average genetic, so he needs to work hard. I love his philosophy tho.

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