Me and PW

Why powerlifting?

So, why did I get to powerlifting? That’s honesty not even the right question. The question should be, why do I got to the gym, why do I lift the weights, why do I do what I do, why do I make all the sacrifices… you know being in pain and tired all the time from workout and injuries. I’m no club guy, Im dong hang out at fridays nights.. yeah I go to dinner with my friends but I dont drink, I dont smoke I dont do what normal do. I need to be at home at certain time, becouse I need 9-10 hours of sleep, I need to prepere my meals, I need to rest, but you know what, I love it and its my passion, and thats what it takes to be the strongest version of myself.

And.. life is impermanent, people come people go, thing come thing go, but gym always stays the same, Its the place I can always go to, no mather how fucked up thing are, no matter how many are going wrong in your life, no matter what’s happening, Its my escape. Its my escape from all bullshit, its a place where I can go express myself. All my emotions I hold up inside, I go there and I express them. It can be joy, anger, sadness… whatever. No matter what. I can be alone with me and the weights and push myself to the limits. Another thing that I love at powerlifting is that, there is no way how to cheat in this sport, there is no luck, you will get exactly what you work for.

Im 6’0″ tall about 182lb my highest weight was 210lb, I easy gain fat, so I dont eat junk and fast food and too much carbs. I have started at 17 with bodybuilding routine, worst workout plan evet. After more then half year I tried fullbody workout 3x per week, then 4x per week. After almost a year I have started doing deadlifts, squats, benches and all big lifts in general. I was struggling with lack of ankle, hips, wrist and shoulders mobility. These days I can successfully do ATG squat with olympic shoes and I would like to be able to do overhead squats and snatches. So Im doing lot of mobility exercises outside the gym, almost every day. What I have found is that works best for me is training big muscles more than 2 times a week. Now I’m trying HTH principes by Christian Thibaudeau.

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