George Leeman

George „babyslayer“ Leeman

  • AGE:22
  • HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’5″ 365 lbs
  • COMPETITION PRS: 906 Deadlift
  • WHY POWERLIFTING?: I realized early on that if I sacrifice more than other people in terms of weight gain and training and learning about lifting, that I would get better results than the other people. Lifting was what made me feel successful at something; I liked feeling like I was doing well, like I was working hard, it was like proving to myself that I wasn’t worthless, and could do well if I worked hard. So whenever people would attack me for my weight, or my appearance, it didn’t matter much, because i got great satisfaction from my lifting, and didn’t believe I would be able to get that satisfaction if I dieted down and was of average size and strength; I needed to feel good at something, and I was good at lifting heavy things.


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